Remember what is was like falling in love?…


Our approach to planning is relaxed and fluid, yet methodical, as we weave the most intricate of details into the larger picture,
to produce a highly memorable and impactful experience.
We immerse ourselves in your story to learn about your passions, style and aspirations,
curating a beautifully elegant and soulful occasion, brimming with subtle personal touches.

Working only with the very best in the industry, we will build a team of likeminded artists
who will work collaboratively to deliver a truly elevated version of your vision.

Our aim is to create occasions that are nothing less than spectacular
and we take immense pride in designing the aesthetics of your event as well as creating an immersive,
all encompassing sensory experience to delight your guests!

We believe the practicality is intrinsically entwined with the beauty
and our full planning service therefore includes our bespoke design and creative styling services as standard.


Delight is found in the details



Nice to meet you, I’m Natali Markou,  founder & creative director of this bespoke event planning and design studio. My official role could be labelled as designer, planner, stylist, and often, all three. But with a highly personal approach, it won’t be long before we are also good friends! My goal is to ensure your journey is relaxed, stress free and above all else, fun!

I work with couples seeking a professional, yet personal and bespoke service, to elevate their vision and deliver an unforgettable experience, whilst always keeping their unique story at the heart of everything.

Our events all carry a style of elegant simplicity and sophistication, grounded by an untamed and natural aesthetic. From the small and intimate to the large scale extravaganza, your event will be warm and welcoming, undeniably beautiful and full of fun!


 If you ever asked me how we got to “today”,
I would tell you that everything in our lives happens for a reason
and it is our path eventually that defines us!
The sweetest and most beautiful connection with the field of event organization had my teenage years as a starting point. Since then aesthetics and decoration began to take on another dimension in me thus helping me to keep my mood and appetite for “creation” alive. I grew up in a village in Viotia, in a family that embraced my every moment with a lot of love and I don’t hide from you that even today, that same love is what accompanies us and beautifies our course in the field of event organization. I found myself in Thessaloniki in where I started my studies as an Informatics Engineer and later proceeding with my Master’s Program in Economics. This multi year journey was magical and offered me this kind of supplies which played a decisive role in my future development. In the years that followed, my husband Tasos came into my life, the best traveling companion I could have ever imagined, a helping hand to fulfill my every single idea. I believe in constant movement and evolution, in the challenges we have to overcome in order to become better. My personal need for development and my love for organizing events pushed me to take the next step. And just because of our truly loved ones who cherish and appreciate our talents, the creation of Natali Markou Bespoke Event Studio was marked by the commissioning of my best friend’s wedding and child’s christening, which was also the critical moment I realized that organizing events was something I have always wanted to be engaged in and develop it, professionally. Everything that is about to follow is pure magic, always with you by our side and your thoughts as our companions…